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The Golden Donkey Farm

Skarinou Cyprus    Family Friendly 

On our trip to the Troodos mountains, we had wanted to somewhere for our son to have a break and a run before lunch. Our aim was to have a little fun, burn off some energy and hopefully tucker him out. Success!!! The donkeys were a large part of Cyprus history so ultimately one we wanted to explore on the way. They were the main transportation method of getting around Cyprus for centuries. They were heavily used to transport food and wine as well as helping produce olive oil, moving boulders and assisting with moving grapes in wineries.

This little place is a great stop for families, children and adults alike will enjoy it. The farm holds about 200 donkeys making it one of the largest in Cyprus (you won’t see 200 when you visit but there are certainly lots of adult and baby donkeys). You can purchase a bag of feed (carobs) at the entrance and they have a little restaurant area, demonstrations of traditional things like cheese making, you can taste different things made from donkey milk too. There is also a neat little traditional house and wax museum, parks to play as you go round. When you leave you can sample products made from the donkey milk – like olive oil, milk & chocolate which you can also purchase products as well. We were really happy with this little place and would definitely return in the future.

There is plenty of free parking outside. At the time of our visit, the entrance was 4euros for an adult, 2 euros for a child and babies were free entrance. The opening hours were between 9.30 and 18.00 during April to October and 09.00 – 17.00 November – March. (Please always check for changes prior to visiting).

The golden donkey farm is located in the village of Skarinou, Cyprus which is between Limassol and Larnaca.

picking fruit

Our son checking out the fruit trees – pretty sure he was fairly excited about this. Its amazing how everything is fascinating at this age.

ohh donkey

Ohh hello little donkey. The donkeys were super friendly.

donkey eating

Feeding carobs to the donkeys. It was his first time seeing donkeys and I am pretty sure he was a little unsure of them – but not as much as seeing camels the week before at the camel park haha.

possing with the donkey

The Golden Donkey Sanctuary

review donkey farm cyprus

Success! Our aim was to tucker him out – mission accomplished!

baby milk shots

When you look round and your husband is giving a toddler shots! lol.

Don’t worry, they were only donkey milk Shots and apparently a big hit.

traditional stone house

This is the little traditional house, its all kitted out inside too. We think it is a neat little touch to the place.

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