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Revo rooftop bar Protaras

Skarinou Cyprus    Family Friendly 

One on the list for us to try over summer was Revo rooftop bar which let’s be honest isn’t normally on our list with little ones in toe. However, our friend Laura was visiting all the way from Canada so how could I say no! 😉 This one I decided was a great one for us to do as a child-free evening so its great for couples or friends. We knew we wanted to go at sunset and enjoy a cocktail overlooking the beautiful fig tree bay and Protaras street and we are seriously glad we did. We had teamed it up with the event along the Protaras-Pernera walkway called the “moonwalk” which is an event held once a year under the full moon with musicians so this night was just perfect.

Revo opens about 7pm and you take the glass elevator from the street to the roof and then emerge into the bar which is fresh and cosey at the same time. The views are amazing and you will be spoilt for choice on where to sit. Do you choose the outer edge, by the bar, the comfier chairs at the back or do you go for the full revolving experience? If you choose the revolving experience, the floor goes around the bar “revolving” and you get a bit of a view of the entire bar in the process. All in all, great staff, good drinks and wow what a fab way to enjoy the sunset.

view of protaras cyprus
Revo bar
Roof top at night

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