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Remember when hospitality was a thing? When you dealt with people who cared? Well, that’s who we are! We are a family who love what we do and we bring you a great selection of apartments for your next Cyprus holidays. Our descriptions are from our point of view about what we really like about them so you get a first-hand description to help you choose your perfect property.

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We are Spot On

If you hadn’t guessed from our photos we are all family. Rita is my mum (Katie) and John is my husband and those cute looking kids are ours too, (we didn’t borrow them for photos I promise). Our business started long before the pitter-patter of children way back in 2007 when Rita and myself opened spot on. We wanted to offer our guests something we saw lacking in the market – hospitality! We want our guests to fall in love with Cyprus, the way we did, we want you to have somewhere to turn to, to ask questions and to truly help. Fast forward to 2021 and I had married John, we gained 2 dogs and 2 children and our life is crazy busy between our work and our children and we absolutely love it! We love being able to raise our children and work, we love that our children get to see grandma so often and we all have a lot of fun in our chilled out working environment. (Who am I kidding, sometimes it’s so busy during summer I feel like I need a coffee drip). In fact, as I build this website, my son is sat next to me pushing 123 on the keypad (good job NumLock is on) and there is a really annoying kids song in the background which is about 6 levels higher than it needs to be! If you are looking for honesty and hospitality combined with great properties you are in safe hands.



I moved from Saskatchewan Canada (the cold part that reaches -40c) to mary my wife Katie. Since then I have become an active member of the team, we all work so well together and all have unique roles to bring to the table. I usually take care of the maintenance as well as balancing our awsome children Jessica & Jacob. You will probably hear from me throughout your reservation and will maybe bump into me when you are here.



Rita puts the love into the rentals and is the glue holding everything together. She is the director and founder and puts so much love and effort into the company. Rita makes sure everything is prepared for your arrival and is the one who comes up with the towel designs that the housekeepers undertake.  More importantly, she works out all the small details that make us so unique. Ps. if you haven’t seen some of her towel designs you should check them out.



I am Katie and I will be looking after you throughout your reservation. I am the morning person who drives everyone nuts, I am bubbly and enthusiastic and I love what we do as a family. I am proud of everything we have accomplished over the years. I am happy to help with anything to make your holiday more spot-on from transfers, car hire, hire items and tours. My number is on  24/7 throughout your stay so rest assured there is always someone close by if you need us.

Tour Cyprus the spot on way

We made it our mission to explore this beautiful island… Its a hard job but someone has to do it. 🙂 So far we have discovered quite a few places that we think you would love to see. From places to visit as a solo traveller in Cyprus to Family-friendly restaurants, pristine blue flag award beaches & archaeological sites to blow your socks off. Did we mention hidden gems you have to see! We are happy to route out places for you to help you make the most of your trip too… That’s how enthusiastic we are!

Call us or Watsapp us on 00357 99 780 736

Amelia Villa

This beautiful villa is a great choice for budget holidays. As a family villa, it accommodates up to 6 guests and features a private pool. Enjoy your own private pool, a delicious BBQ or play a game of table tennis. The location is fantastic, close enough to not need to hire a car as you can walk into Pernera centre but far enough away that you are not listing to the music into the night. Amelia is definitely a villa to check out if you are looking for your next self-catering holiday villa…

Lovely villa with everything you would need on holiday and more. Beautiful pool and outdoor areas. Spotlessly clean. Easy to book and communicate with the host, recommended. Airbnb July 2019
July 2019 Spotlessly Clean